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Jericho Sleeps
Jericho Sleeps

Written by Fran Monks and published on the 19th February, 2014.
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I’ve started a new photography project, which I’m really excited about. It’s called Jericho Sleeps. These are the first portraits and this the story behind them:

Jericho SleepsIn the 17th Century, the area that is now called Jericho was located outside Oxford’s walls, sparsely populated and considered remote from the city. It was, however, a popular waypoint for travellers on their way to Oxford. The city gates closed at dusk and so those arriving after dark would need to find somewhere outside the walls to stay until morning. People coming from the West, on an ancient route fording the Thames and crossing Port Meadow, would find a welcome refuge at “Jericho House”, which was situated on the site of the modern day Jericho Tavern.

Jericho is still a waypoint for many. With a high proportion of rented accommodation, the area provides a temporary home for students, visiting academics and families making their first step into Oxford. However, there are also many life-long residents, and some of life’s travellers, who came here and decided not to leave.

“Jericho Sleeps” is a collection of portraits of people who have made their beds in Jericho for any length of time, from a single night to a lifetime. The project will explore transience and connection in the community by asking each subject to reveal how long they have slept here in Jericho and also to choose the next person to be photographed.